Bringing It Home: St. Louis

I am thrilled about having an event at the St. Louis Central Library on Monday, April 1st. Writing is such an isolated endeavor, and so there is nothing quite like being a writer and meeting people who recognize that books matter. It recharges the batteries and keeps me going. The fact that it is in a city that I love and that I’ll have St. Louis family and friends present makes it all the more special.

The event is going to be up in the Center for the Reader from 6 to 8, and I’ll talk about “Without Precedent,” answer questions, and give away some copies of my books. I’ll also put my kids to work there selling books for anybody who’d like to buy a copy as well.

For this event, I’ll spend quite a bit of time discussing St. Louis as a character and what the city brings to the books that I write. In “Little Boy Lost” and “Without Precedent,” St. Louis plays a vital role in setting the tone and also provides an opportunity to promote all my favorite places from Crown Candy to McGurks to the Venice Cafe. The city provides depth to my story, and I respect its complex history, its accomplishment, and its challenges.

While in St. Louis, I’ll also be filming some little promotional videos that will be coming to my Facebook page soon. The videos will feature the neighborhoods where our main characters live and work. Last time I did this, a security guard at the St. Louis juvenile detention facility chased me off. Evidently, it is illegal to film the outside of a juvenile detention facility. Is this true? I don’t know about that, but the dude was not happy and I did not stick around to argue. It was a, “Okay” and get out without being arrested situation.

As you have probably guessed, books have played an essential part in my life, both reading and writing. So I’m always excited to spend a night with people who also love and appreciate the power of the written word. I know there are a million ways to fill our time: movies, television, podcasts, exercise, eating, sports, etc., but you’re choosing to spend it in one of the greatest institutions in the world---a public library.

Please join me for a fun night!

St. Louis Central Public Library

Center for the Reader

1301 Olive Street

St. Louis MO 63103

April 1, 6:00-8:00 pm

JD Trafford