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Trafford is a gifted storyteller, one who knows how to hook readers and reel them in slowly, relentlessly, keeping the pacing taut until the climactic finale. Readers who devour legal thrillers by authors like Scott Turow, Lisa Scottoline, and John Lescroart will want to remember his name. This is legal fiction as it should be written: daring and perplexing, yet written with a graceful touch and captivating insight. Don’t miss Little Boy Lost. It will mark the beginning of many readers’ new love affair with a rising star of the genre.
— Jathan Think, Jathan & Heather

JD Trafford’s Books

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Little Boy Lost

Little Boy Lost was published in August 2017. In just over a year, it has sold over 100,000 copies and received great reviews from readers and critics alike. At last count, over 2,500 people have reviewed it on Amazon and JD has received hundreds of personal emails from people sharing their stories and experiences.

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Good Intentions

"This is a thought provoking story that leaves you wishing that the good intentions behind an action were in fact what really mattered and not how it all turns out. Trafford has written a solid crime fiction novel."

- Julia Picks 1

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No Time, Trilogy

In this legal thriller trilogy, Michael Collins burned his suits and ties in a beautiful bonfire before leaving New York and taking up residence at Hut No. 7 in a run-down Mexican resort. He dropped-out, giving up a future of billable hours and big law firm paychecks. But, there are millions of dollars missing from a client's account and a lot of people who want Michael Collins to come back. When his girlfriend is accused of murder, he knows that there really isn't much choice. 

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Without Precedent

How much would you give up to get justice for your family?

Matthew Daley is a Manhattan corporate lawyer at the top of his game. As the first defense attorney on call to get pharmaceutical companies out of trouble, Matt is rising in the judicial system exactly as he planned. Until his sister dies of a heroin overdose.

Now, torn between conscience and career, the newly minted law partner faces a critical choice: defend the very companies that manufactured the addictive drugs, or give up his fiancée and his hard-won dream job to fight for justice in his sister’s name.

Returning to his blue-collar hometown with a ragtag band of law-school misfits by his side, Matt squares off against a team of New York corporate attorneys in a high-stakes courtroom battle. If he wins, the case could have national implications, bringing down the multibillion-dollar Big Pharma industry. If he loses, he’ll become collateral damage in the greatest fall of his career and his life.

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